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First Aid Simplified

Introducing the first medical grade multi-functional, non-toxic, skin and wound repair solution, powered by the same molecule produced by our bodies in response to injury and the same formulation used in hospitals.

The technology behind ACTIVE Skin Repair (HOCl) has been shown in clinical studies to kill 99.9 % or bacteria and fungus while supporting the natural healing process.

Say goodbye to dated, toxic first-aid.

The future is just three ounces.

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Adventure Sports Network Tests Active Skin Repair
January 9, 2019

+  The gear testers at The Adventure Sports Network recently reviewed the Active skin repair product line. Click here for the full review.   About Active Repair Spray & Hydrogel Both products are composed of Hypochlorous (HOCl), which is naturally produced by the white blood cells in the human body as…

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