The active ingredient in Active Skin Repair is
a molecule called HOCI.

“Studies support an HOCl solution as a powerful anti-bacterial and ideal wound care agent without any local side effects such as allergy or dermal irritation.”

Wounds Medical Journal*

*Serhan Sakarya, MD; et, al. Hypochlorous Acid: An Ideal Wound Care Agent With Powerful Microbicidal, Antibiofilm,
and Wound Healing Potency, Wounds. 2014;26(12):342-350.

Active Skin Repair vs
triple antibiotic ointments

Active Skin Repair

  • natural
  • biodegradable
  • no risk of allergic reaction
  • no antibiotic resistance

Triple antibiotic ointments

  • use synthetic antibiotics
  • petroleum-based
  • cause allergic reactions in up to 10% of people
  • can lead to antibiotic resistance