Brian Lopes World Champion Mountain Biker
Damien Hobgood Professional Surfer & Dad
Dustin Fiero Endurance Athlete and WSL Water Safety
Felipe Loureiro Triathlete and Coach

Multi-functional Skin Repair For The Active Lifestyle

My wife Monica and the three kids love the BLDG Active skin repair and use it from insect bites, rashes and sunburn to general skin health maintenance it works, is safe and its all natural. For me I have used it as my traveling go to and used it in J Bay in 2018 when I had a puncture wound to my hand from a sharp stick that required suturing when playing skirmish with the kids on a layday, it was incredible as as a wound disinfectant, wound healer and scar repair gel, love it!
Joel Parkinson
Professional Surfer (2012 World Champion) & Father of Three

As a practicing allied physician and Medical Director for the World Surf League I’ve been impressed with the science behind the Active Skin Repair product line and have seen it work first hand in Australia, Fiji, Tahiti and South East Asia on our elite professional surfer.

Dr. Chris Prosser
World Surf League (WSL) Medical Director Queensland, Australia

Best Skin Repair PERIOD! I have used this product for the last 6 months on blisters, cuts, and bug bites. It greatly reduced my healing time by days, letting me get back to my extremely active lifestyle faster than ever before. I will never travel without this product in my suitcase, in my backpack or in my uniform. Thanks for finally creating a product that is safe, easy to use and extremely effective.

Zach P.
US. Navy SEAL San Diego, CA

“With being an active black belt jiu-jitsu competitor, while at the same time living in Hawaii and doing my best to put in my time in the water (surf), Active Skin Repair seemed like the perfect compliment for mat funk, and reef rash from the ocean. However, because of my training as a pharmacist, I was skeptical of the claims made by Active Skin Repair.

However, like any good scientist, I did my research and read through a ton of primary literature articles I found on Pubmed about hypochlorous (HOCl) acid. I didn’t realize Active Skin Repair used the same active ingredient as do surgical teams in hospitals for wound repair. I was quickly convinced.

I’ve used the spray and gels several times now, always keep it in my gym bag, and have definitely become a proponent of BLDG Active’s products.”

Jeff Huang

In Arena soccer we play on Sports turf, Old-school turf, and carpet, so the burns can be pretty bad. The worst part is the fear of germs in the open cuts and possible infection or worse. I have tried wound spray and salines but once I used the Active Skin Repair I refuse to use other products. It works so much better then the rest that I have spread the word to the trainers, and my teammates so we can keep the team as close to 100% as possible. In my 14 year professional soccer career nothing has worked better for the cuts, scrapes, and burns for me.

Brian Farber
Professional Soccer player Former MVP of the MASL (Major Arena Soccer League) Captain of the Mens US national Arena team and member since 2008

We have an active house; with 2 kiddos under 5 and as parents that like to get after it we are all constantly getting, as my two year old likes to say “owies.” This includes everything from skinned knees (toddler life), to mat burn (jiu jitsu) and hand abrasions (climbing). ACTIVE is a convenient way to effectively treat and heal all of our “owies” and on top of everything, it doesn’t hurt or burn, which is critical when you’re trying to put it on a kid. We had a bottle sitting on our counter and yesterday my 2 year old pointed at it and said, “Mommy, that fix my owie.” No joke, he did. We keep it in our house, we keep it in our backpacks, we keep it in our camper; it’s our go to product for first aid hands down.

Shanon O.
Mother / Outdoor Enthusiast Salt Lake City, UT

We use bldg active for all kinds of wounds, sunburn and surf rashes… it has been awesome to speed up the healing.

Kieren Perrow
Retired World Championship Surfer / Current WSL Commissioner

As a professional surfer I’m constantly pushing my body and injury to skin is a inventible whether its reef cuts, rash or just sunburn. Having Active Skin Repair is a game changer, it replaces bulky toxic first aid products and helps me heal faster so I can spend more time in the water.

Damien Hobgood – Professional Surfer
Carlsbad, CA

Being a professional mountain biker for more than 25 years I’ve been searching for a product that works like Active Skin Repair. It works on everything from chaffing and saddle sore to more serious cuts and scrapes. I now have everything I need in a small bottle that fits easily into my pack.

Brian Lopes
Hall of Fame Professional Mountain Biker | 4 Time World Champion | 9 Time National Champion Laguna Beach, CA

Active has been our go to product for skin care over past year. I have used it on all of our skin issues to speed up the recovery time on anything from small cuts to post surgical healing. I have tried many products over the years to help in this area but nothing was close to how much of a difference we see after getting Active on the site and seeing it heal.

Paul Savage MA, ATC
San Diego Sockers

ACTIVE is now my favorite product to keep in my pack. I’ve used it for cuts, blisters, rashes and even mosquito bites! I usually take a significantly longer time to heal from wounds than most other people and using traditional antibiotics are not an option for me. So I’m beyond happy to have found 1 product that I can use for everything!

Lindsey B.
Outdoor Adventure Quest Denver, CO

I am constantly switching sports in and out of the water and Active is something that is with me at all times. Being on a prone paddle board I get bad rashes and the Active Hydrogel product enables me heal faster and train more. Whether its spending time in the tropics on a surf trip or exploring in the mountains I don’t go anywhere without the Active Hydrogel. Reef cuts, sun-burn, insect bites etc. this product handles them all.

Dustin F.
San Diego Lifeguard, Competitive Prone Paddler, Sponsored Surfer San Diego, CA

As an endurance athlete for the last 30 years, I consistently deal with rashes, saddle sores, and cuts and bruises from bike riding and running. After I found Active Skin Repair products, it was a life changer. The products being all-natural is super important to me but best of all they speed up the body’s natural recovery / healing process. My biggest issue is skin irritation, but using Active Spray with every bike ride, I’m able to prevent and heal saddle sores like never before. I will never miss a ride again!

Felipe L.
Multisport Coach & Founder of Breakaway Training San Diego, CA

My family and I have been using Active Skin Repair products for a variety of daily cuts and scrapes (we have two kids under 6 years old) with positive results, but the real test was a fairly serious burn when my daughter spilled a mug of hot chocolate across her shoulder and chest. After the initial doctors dressings, we applied the hydrogel daily to the burns and were really surprised at how quickly it healed up. Despite some drama during application, she said that it didn’t sting and was back to her normal lively self shortly after. I’m looking forward to testing it out this fall during desert climbing season!

Tommy C.
Outdoor Enthusiast Salt Lake City, UT

I’ve been using building active for about 6 to 8 months. As a modern (read: BEATER) athlete who enjoys mountain biking, climbing, surfing, hunting and cooking, I have a constant supply of burns and cuts that range from minor scrapes and scuffs to major flesh gouges. Active has been my go-to skin therapy for all my fumbling flesh wounds. Recently, I cut my foot super bad, right below the big toe in an area that is hard to bandage and keep clean and was in a situation where I couldn’t get stitches for a few days. I flushed it with Active spray and kept it covered with Active gel for the next few weeks and was absolutely amazed that it never got infected and the skin recovered better than I would have imagined.

After that experience, my med kit will never be without Active gel and spray!

Garrett K.
Outdoor Enthusiast SLC, UT

Active came into my life at exactly the right moment. I am a surf instructor who had recently been diagnosed with Lymes disease, and was beginning my treatment with extremely sun-sensitive antibiotics. I would get into the car after a long day in the sun with a swollen face and cracked, bleeding lips. A few sprays of my blue bottle of Active on my face would make the drive home bearable, and by the time I got to bed I was able to fall asleep without pain and puffiness.

The Active gel was my tool of choice as a surf instructor this summer, as every day girls were coming up to me with a new rash or scrape. Montauk is rocky and running an all girls camp I realized what a problem rashes were for girl surfers (we don’t have boardshorts to protect us!). The BLDG gel caused no screams nor tears upon application like most antiseptics and got my girls back in the water if not right away (confidence is a beautiful thing), within a day. Montauk Boardriders Girls Only Surf Camp thanks you!

Amanda C.
Competitive Lifeguard

Got back from indo the other day. Great waves which makes for a great trip. Myself and two other guys used Active with great results. All reef related injuries covering everything from scrapes to pretty solid cuts. Your product helped relieve pain right away and the healing was quicker than normal and definitely quicker than the other guys who used peroxide and neosporin. Those of us who used Active felt it was a great product! We used the gel for deeper cuts and the spray for more superficial scrapes, the spray is super convenient.

Scott P.
Firefighter / Paramedic Orange County, CA

I’ve always been a product maniac. If there’s a new product that can enhance my life somehow – I want to try! When I came across Active I was excited to see what the hype was all about. After a month of application, those scrapes and bruises that would have normally turned into scars began to heal. And not just partially, but completely! I have now discarded my old products and stocked up on the only one I need, Active Skin Repair!

Madeline J.
Owner at Strfysh Wetsuits NY/CA

Whether I’m in the water, or working on a new project, my body takes a toll. I was hesitant when girlfriend introduced me to Active – it almost sounded too good to be true. But after using it for one month I was shocked to see it actually healing my scrapes and gashes. As long as it keeps working, I’ll keeping using!!

Gavin Krug
Professional Surf Instructor / Artist Montauk, NY

As someone who both gets hurt professionally and heals people professionally… I’d say I’m a pretty good judge of a product such as Active. The formula they use is simple but extremely effective. No product can heal an injury overnight. But products such as this can speed recovery time exponentially.

Tom Casse
Professional Surf Instructor / EMT Montauk, NY