Combined Entity Creates Industry Powerhouse in Hypochlorous Manufacturing and Marketing

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – March 16th, 2020 – BLDG Active™, the leader in delivering non-toxic cutting-edge medical technologies to the active lifestyle community announced today it has been acquired by Innovacyn, Inc. a privately held company based in Rialto, California. Innovacyn is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of numerous hypochlorous-based technologies and products spread across multiple healthcare markets.

“Combining BLDG Active’s vision of a new kind of healthcare company with Innovacyn’s scale and resources will continue to fuel the growth and adoption of the Active Skin Repair brand,” said Justin Gardner, Founder, and CEO, BLDG Active. “The operational resources and expertise Innovacyn possess in the healthcare and hypochlorous space will help us expand our business and deliver beyond what we would have been able as an independent company.”

As part of the transaction, the entire BLDG Active operational team, ambassador athletes and other team members will continue to lead and guide the Active Skin Repair brand. Justin Gardner will join the Innovacyn team, leading the Active Skin Repair brand as well as assuming responsibility for marketing the medical professional line of hypochlorous products.

“As a family-owned company dedicated to positively impacting human health, BLDG Active was a natural fit for our business strategy and company culture,” said Seamus Burlingame, Chief Executive Officer, Innovacyn. “We are thrilled to be joining forces with the entire BLDG Active team to continue creating a company and family of brands that meet the needs of a rapidly changing U.S. and global healthcare system.”

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About BLDG Active

Founded with the goal of creating a new kind of medical company, BLDG Active’s mission is to take medical-grade products and launch them into specialty market opportunities – meeting consumers where they are – providing access to innovative, effective and non-toxic medical products. Its flagship product, Active Skin Repair’s clinically proven technology that supports the body’s natural recovery process. One three-ounce bottle can replace bulky toxic medical products with a simple to use a natural solution. 

About Innovacyn, Inc.

Innovacyn, Inc. is dedicated to improving wound management outcomes across the world for humans and animals. Family-owned and operated, everything we do is inspired by this vision. From hand-building, our facilities and growing a dedicated team, to deliver the highest quality products, every step of our process is made with the power of change in mind. Since 2009, Innovacyn, Inc. has been a leader in creating innovative medical devices and solutions, and driving advancements in the human and animal health industries.


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