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BLDG Active Welcomes Brian Lopes as an Athlete Ambassador
Mountain bike legend knows that quick healing means more time in the saddle

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – March 5, 2018 – BLDG Active™, the leader in bringing cutting-edge medical technologies to active outdoor athletes, announced the addition of pro Multi-World Champ, Brian Lopes, to its ambassador team.

Whether riding single track or pavement, cyclists battle chaffing, saddle sores, scrapes and sunburns daily and in the case of a crash, road rash and open wounds. Cleaning and treating these skin irritations quickly and properly can mean the difference between days or weeks of healing.

BLDG’s Active Skin Repair products offer scientifically advanced all-natural technologies that work to disinfect and promote healing of skin irritations and wounds. Instead of bulky toxic first aid products, riders like Lopes now have a simple 3oz natural solution right in their bike bag.

Active Skin Repair’s clinically proven regenerative technology without harsh chemicals or antibiotics and helps support the body’s natural recovery process.

“Scrapes and cuts from bush whacking or a crash here and there, are part of riding – how quickly they heal is key in getting back into the fun,” Lopes said. “Active Skin Repair goes on any scrapes or cuts as soon as I come off my bike and I’ve noticed a huge difference in healing time,” he added.

Lopes has had an unprecedented 20+ year career as a professional cyclist, having been labeled, “Undisputedly the best all around world class cycling athlete,” by USA Today. Lopes originally raced BMX before channeling his efforts to mountain biking where he went on to win 9 National Championships and 4 World Championship titles. Lopes rides his bike daily in his hometown of Laguna Beach, California, where he continues to share his passion for the sport.

“Lopes is an incredible addition to our team,” said, Justin Gardner, co-founder and CEO of BLDG Active. “Having spent the majority of his life on a bike, he knows the realities of having torn up legs and saddle issues and what that can translate to if left untreated. Brian is an advocate for keeping riders healthy and on their bikes and BLDG Active plays a big role in that,” he added.

About BLDG Active 

BLDG Active was founded with the sole purpose of identifying clinically proven technologies and bringing them to the serious outdoor athlete. The technology used in BLDG’s Active Repair Hydrogel & Active Repair Spray is the same doctor-recommended product and formulation used in hospitals worldwide. BLDG Active makes products that promote personal health and recovery through clinically proven technologies.

The company is focused on bringing cutting-edge medical technologies to the active outdoor athlete by sourcing products that are superior to current over-the- counter solutions, both in effectiveness and environmental impact.

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About Active Repair Spray & Hydrogel

Both products are composed of Hypochlorous (HOCl), which is naturally produced by the white blood cells in the human body as a way to support the body’s natural healing process.

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