We have an active house; with 2 kiddos under 5 and as parents that like to get after it we are all constantly getting, as my two year old likes to say “owies.” This includes everything from skinned knees (toddler life), to mat burn (jiu jitsu) and hand abrasions (climbing). ACTIVE is a convenient way to effectively treat and heal all of our “owies” and on top of everything, it doesn’t hurt or burn, which is critical when you’re trying to put it on a kid. We had a bottle sitting on our counter and yesterday my 2 year old pointed at it and said, “Mommy, that fix my owie.” No joke, he did. We keep it in our house, we keep it in our backpacks, we keep it in our camper; it’s our go to product for first aid hands down.

Shanon O.