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SAN DIEGO – October 25, 2018 – BLDG Active™, the leader in bringing cutting-edge medical technologies to the active outdoor community announced today the addition of award-winning director and producer, Taylor Steele as Creative Director.

BLDG Active’s flagship product, ACTIVE Skin Repair’s regenerative technology kills 99.9 percent of bacteria without harsh chemicals or antibiotics and speeds the body’s natural recovery process. One three-ounce bottle can be used to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and treat scrapes, cuts, rashes, sunburn, bug bites and an array of skin irritations.

Steele joins the brand’s team of entrepreneurs, award winning creatives, athletes and accredited medical professionals, focused on challenging how medical companies reach consumers.

“We’ve set out to challenge the model of traditional healthcare companies, having Taylor lead our creative process will undoubtedly take us to another level on how we connect with consumers” said Justin Gardner, CEO, BLDG Active. “We’re really looking forward to the possibilities of where we can take BLDG Active with Taylor’s keen eye and creativity guiding the way,” he said.

Named in 2014 by, Fast Company, as one of the Most Creative People in Business, Taylor Steele is an award-winning director and producer. He broke new ground at the young age of seventeen with the release of the surf film Momentum. Over the next two decades he went on to direct and produce over forty bestselling titles, starring the world’s best surfers and musicians. Taylor’s travel and surf documentaries have garnered numerous awards and accolades, most recently with Proximity (2017) and the film Momentum Generation (HBO) which premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.

Active Skin Repair is now in the hands of hundreds of professional and amateur athletes across a range of sports, on tour with professional medical teams, used by navy seals and thousands of other customers. For more information please visit, @bldgactive


About BLDG Active 
BLDG Active was founded with the sole purpose of identifying clinically proven technologies that are superior to current over-the-counter solutions, both in effectiveness and environmental impact. The technology used in BLDG’s Active Repair Hydrogel and Active Repair Spray is the same doctor-recommended product and formulation used in hospitals worldwide. BLDG Active makes products that promote personal health and recovery through clinically proven technologies.

About Active Repair Spray & Hydrogel

Both products are composed of Hypochlorous (HOCl), which is naturally produced by the white blood cells in the human body as a way to support the body’s natural healing process.

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